Our passion revolves around designing and conducting Study Abroad Programs, mainly focused in the areas of faculty-led and service learning educational experiences. Being fully focused in this area, provides us with a thorough understanding of the industry’s needs, challenges that institutions and students face. Below is a list of all of the areas that we cover at Study Abroad Association, in addition to the main benefits of joining our programs.

Full Customization of Faculty Led Study Abroad, Service Learning Programs, and educational group experiences.

Travel Logistics: Airfare, Accommodation, Transportation, Classroom Space, Expert Guides, Booking of Tours.

Full-Time Account Manager Domestic and Abroad.

Free Itinerary Consultations (Comparisons, Adjustments, Quotes, Best Price Guarantee).

Faculty Development Workshops

Best Value Flight Team (Through long-term contracts with airlines we guarantee the most affordable rates with discount group airfare)

Best Value Travelers Insurance– Starting from as low as $2 per day.

Risk Management Assessments (Emergency Protocols, Release & Medical Forms, Insurance and more)

Colleges/Universities Networking– Creating affiliations with foreign institutions, and running joint programs.

Service-Learning Affiliations with International NGO’s and Local Sustainable Projects

Assistance in Obtaining Travel Visas.

Pre-trip Assistance (Orientation Videos, Packing Demos, Smart Travel & Safety Abroad, Marketing Assistance)


Best Value

Authentic and Best Value Programs – starting from $1,500 including Airfare

We understand that affordability is absolutely essential to ensure that more students have access to travel opportunities. Our goal is to make sure that each program provides the absolute best value without sacrificing quality or authenticity. By collaborating with local communities, artisans, and educators, we enable all SAA travelers to have unique experiences while supporting local economies. Whether it’s a visit to a local organic farm, a coffee producer, or a Peruvian textile weaving family, we strive to understand how locals live and how we can learn valuable lessons from them while supporting them to sustain their traditions. This not only allows us to provide authentic and locally designed experiences but to also to keep costs low. Long-standing collaborations with local suppliers guarantees our groups the best rates on accommodation, activities, guides, and transportation.

Additionally, to keep program prices even more affordable, we have designed collaborative study abroad programs, where you can join other like minded colleges and universities in select destinations, with a particular area of study. This allows you to take advantage of group discounts, while still maintaining your small group experience.


Sustainable. Supporting Local Communities everywhere we go!

We promote sustainability with all our programs, empowering local communities and projects in need, as well as establishing long-lasting relationships with everyone we collaborate with. We are also pro-reducing plastic consumption, CO2 emissions, reducing waste, recycling, efficient mobilization, reforestation, minority support, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. 

Our Service Learning programs have been designed to support these principles as well as raise awareness amongst students and professors. Read more about our sustainable efforts and global projects that we support, here.


Top Quality – Read all our 5 Star Reviews

Enjoy reading all of our public reviews of both students and educators on our Facebook page. In conjunction with these, feel free to reach out to any reference we have. Due diligence is essential when choosing the right program for your students.

Customer Service

Small and Boutique with Unparalleled Customer Service

Our goal is to make sure that your program is absolutely perfect. We achieve this by providing thorough communication throughout the entire process, with one-on-one meetings, flexibility with modifications, and complete transparency while customizing your program. We will assign you an account manager fully dedicated and available to assist you at every point of your process.

Based in the US

Based in the US, with Direct Local Operations Around the Globe

We are a fully insured and accredited US organization with the advantages of having direct operations around the globe. We also have strong partnerships with foreign universities and institutions to assist with affiliations between US and foreign institutions.

Centered around Students

Centered around Students and it’s Safety

Safety is our number one priority. To ensure our travelers are completely protected throughout the program, we include an all-inclusive travelers insurance policy. We also provide comprehensive risk management procedures and training before the program starts. 


100% Customizable Programs and Unique Educational Experiences

All SAA programs are built on the foundation of education. We offer unique programs in various areas of study, striving to offer programs in underserved academic fields, such as: STEM, STEAM, Business, Allied Health and Humanities. Every SAA program is crafted from scratch to achieve the goals of the professors and institutions we’re working with. An SAA assigned program manager will work hand in hand with the trip chaperone until the itinerary full reflects the course syllabus that the professor envisions.

Fixed Quotes

Fixed Quotes, Prices Never Change

Transparency is key with all of our program prices. There are no hidden fees. From our initial quote, the agreed program price will remain the same. On top of that, we provide payment installments, allowing schools and students more flexibility.

No Tips

 No Tips, No Commission Policy

We make sure that all of our suppliers, group leaders and tour guides are compensated properly for their work. This cost is not passed on to the students. Hence, you won’t be facing uncomfortable “tipping situations” to which you are unsure how to best proceed. This not only avoids confusion, but also ensures that quality is not compromised.

Private Rooming

Centrally Located Lodging & Private Rooming

To experience the local life it’s essential to be based in the heart of the location you’re visiting. All of our places of accommodation are centrally located, allowing travelers ease with travel by foot or public transportation. This provides the possibility of having an authentic experience just a few steps from your door without excessive commute times.