Japan walking tours


Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

The Edo Tokyo Architectural Museum is an open-air museum that relocates, restores, preserves and exhibits historical (and authentic) buildings where people lived in the late 19th century and early 20th century, to introduce the lifestyle of our ancestors and the classical culture of Japan to remind us of the good old days.

Young generations visit this park to study Japanese classical culture as field study work in schools.

This museum contains many items to understand the beauty and difficulties of our grandfathers’ and grandmothers’ times which dates back to about 100-150 years ago.


Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Tour – Tokyo

Sensoji is an ancient Japanese Buddhist temple founded on a legend that dates back more than 1,400 years. The legend begins with two fisherman brothers who lived on the banks of the nearby Sumida River. On the morning of March 18, 628 AD. (the Asuka period of Japanese history), the brothers discovered a small statue in their net while fishing. Not knowing what it was, they threw it back into the river. But no matter where or how many times they threw it, it ended up back in their net and no fish could be caught.

Learn more about this mysterious story with our local guide as you virtually visit the beautiful surrounding area.


Tsukiji Fish & Food Market in Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market was the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.

While the inner wholesale market has closed, the outer retail market, restaurants, and associated restaurant supply stores remain operational, and the area is still a major tourist attraction for both domestic and overseas visitors.

Compared to the atmosphere in 2019, the Tsukiji market area is quieter, but still maintains its image as an authentic Japanese fresh food market.

The tour will start at Tsukiji Honganji Temple, which is still the center of Tsukiji culture, then we will move to the Tsukiji market area. During the market tour, the guide will taste some Sushi pieces at the Sushi bar, and will interview the chef. In the last minutes of the tour, we will be introduced to the local Shinto Shrine which is located right next to the market street and is a protective divinity that has been providing happiness and prosperity for the local people of Tsukiji for many years.

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