Greece walking tours


Athens City Center

Did you know that Athens is the birthplace of the first modern Olympic games? Why are the presidential guards wearing skirts?
Let’s find out more during a walking tour around Athens. Important landmarks of the city like the Parliament, the Academie and the Olympic Stadium unfold the history of Greece. Walking among the Athenians, we are starting from the stadium to the Parliament, through the presidential residence and the national park we are passing by museums and different neighborhoods of Athens in order to meet Socrates who used to say: “It is because I love knowledge, and it is the people in the city who teach me, not the country or the trees.” (Academie, Parliament, Constitution square with the presidential guard, National Park ,Olympic stadium)


Walking with Gods around the Acropolis rock

How good are you in Greek mythology? You will find it out during this interactive tour. During our tour we will see what was left from the largest temple of ancient Athens. Walking around the Acropolis rock you will enjoy a nice view of the Parthenon and the temple of Nike. An awesome challenge lies ahead of you: Guess the name of the God. You can discover which God is hiding behind the ruins with some hints and stories given by the guide during the tour.


Following the Footsteps of the Athenian Democracy

We are starting the tour from Pnyx where the gathering place of the Athenian Assembly was, which is the first of Europe. From Areopagus hill, we will enjoy a nice view of the ancient Agora.The agora was also the political and administrative center of ancient Athens. Who could be a senator? Why was the lottery machine important for Athenian democracy? All these questions will be answered on the top of Areopagus Hill. We will end the tour in Kerameikos cemetery where Pericles gave his famous funeral oration and defined democracy: “Our constitution is called a democracy because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole people.”


Modern Neighborhoods of Athens

Anafiotika will be our starting point for a walking tour around different neighborhoods of Athens. In Anafiotika we will see white houses with blue windows and doors like the houses of the cycladic islands .Through Plaka we will reach Monastiraki Square, the square of the flea market where different civilizations and people are meeting and we will end up in the food market where we will discover the food habits of the Athenians.

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