Germany walking tours


Munich Tour

A look at the city of Munich from its origins to the present and why salt contributed so much to the success of the city, and why there were suddenly Bavarian kings in the 19th century. This tour takes you past the most important squares and sights of Munich.


Munich at Night

Munich offers many wonderful views. A lot of the historic buildings are illuminated at night and offer unforgettable impressions. Accompany us on this tour and learn about the city’s history and the rulers of Bavaria from the Wittelsbach family.


Munich, the northernmost city in Italy?

For many, Munich is the northernmost city in Italy. Is it the buildings? Or the attitude of the people here? On this tour you can find out how this reputation came about and why the affinity with Italy continues to this day.


Munich and the III Reich

Munich is a city with many faces. A dark side shows itself after the 1st World War when the city changed radically. On this tour you can find out how this development came about in Munich and how important Munich was for the Nazis. This tour takes you past places and buildings that were important to the National Socialists at the time.


Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

On March 22, 1933, the Dachau concentration camp was opened on the site of a disused factory near Dachau. Dachau is the model for all other camps during the Nazi era. More than 40,000 prisoners lost their lives in the camp. Learn about the history and development of the camp as well as the conditions there during the Nazi era.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $595


A Walk Along Berlin’s Wall Memorial

This tour takes you along the Wall Memorial which is located at Bernauer Strasse, which until reunification, marked the division between East and West Berlin. Besides a very haunting “Window of Remembrance” which commemorates those who lost their lives trying to cross the infamous wall that divided the city for 28 years, you’ll not only get to see original remnants of the actual Wall, but the tour provides you with a real sense of what the perfidious “death strip” looked like and what it consisted of. This tour is a must for all those interested in the Cold War and the division of Germany following WWII.


Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial: “Remembering as part of Germany’s DNA”

This webinar is an introduction to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial – its architecture, and the long process of its genesis. Accompanied by several short video clips, the webinar will further explain the memorial’s meaning and especially, its significance for Germany, the Germans, and the world.


Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz

Berlin is a city where history has a way of following you around. Especially so on this walk from Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz. We will first learn out about the Brandenburg Gate’s history and its significance to German history. Our guide will then take you across the Holocaust Memorial and get to hear about the symbolism and history behind it. Continuing along the trail of the infamous Berlin Wall, we’ll also pass by the Memorial to the Murdered Gays until we reach Potsdamer Platz, which, over the course of its nearly 200 year old history, went from hub to wasteland and back to hub again!


Jewish Heritage

On this tour, our guide will take you through what is known as Berlin’s Jewish Neighbourhood, where literally every building has a story to tell. You’ll get to see the world-famous New Synagogue from 1866 with its defining golden dome. Next comes Berlin’s oldest Jewish cemetery – or rather: what the Gestapo left of it after they destroyed it in 1943! – followed by a Jewish Boys’ School that goes back to the 18th century. Christian Boltanski’s “MissingHouse” follows, a poignant reminder of what happened between 1939 and 1945 and which sits like a scar, like a warning, in the middle of this street, once known as “The Street of Tolerance”, before the words “and death” were added. The tour finishes at “The Deserted Room”, another memorial that is even more harrowing, and one that is surrounded by one of the most powerful – and earliest – poems ever written about the Shoah!


Memorial Trail

During this tour, we’ll explore a number of memorials, dedicated to the victims of National Socialist Terror. As is well documented, the Nazis persecuted anyone who didn’t fit into their twisted view of the world, from disabled people, to homosexuals, Sinti and Roma, and, of course, Jews, who were by far the main target and largest group of victims. We start our tour, however, at the Memorial for the Murdered Reichstag Members. For in order to go after the various minorities, the Nazis needed to eliminate the political opposition first. Then, we will take you to the Memorial of the Murdered Sinti and Roma people, who, besides the Jews, were the second largest number of victims. Next, we’ll visit the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, which is, for obvious reasons, the largest memorial of them all. Lastly, we’ll visit the Memorial to the Murdered Homosexuals who, like the Sinti and Roma, had to wait a long time for their suffering to be recognized and acknowledged.


Tracing Evil” (includes: Clou Concert Hall, Topography of Terror, former Reich Ministry of Aviation, location of the Kaiserhof Hotel)

This tour will take you to locations and sites relevant to WWII and the Holocaust. There are still traces in the heart of Berlin of the most evil regime mankind has ever experienced, starting with what’s left of a former concert hall where Hitler gave his first – non-public! – speech in Prussia, back in 1927. Next comes the site of the SS and Gestapo HQ’s, now a learning and documentation centre, called, “Topography of Terror”. After that, we’ll check out the former Reichs Ministry of Aviation, now, unbelievable but true, Germany’s Ministry of Finance. The last stop on our tour will take us to the location of the “Kaiserhof Hotel”, Hitler’s and Nazis’ favourite hotel in Berlin, one which they favoured over all the others, and where for instance Göring held his wedding festivities in 1935 after getting married to the actress Emmy Sonnemann.

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