Brazil Walking Tours


African Heritage in Rio / Little Africa Tour

Learn about the lives of urban slaves in 19th century Rio and visit important sites of Afro-diaspora culture and memory. It Includes a visit to the archeological site of the Valongo port, which received the most slaves of any port during the Atlantic slave trade.
This tour will lift the layers of memory to reveal the Afro-Brazilian experience and uncover Brazil’s extensive history of slavery. Little Africa (Pequena África) is an area in the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro that has historically been home to a strong Afro-Brazilian community.


Visit to Providência, the first Favela of Brazil.

Providência is considered the first Favela of Brazil. It is located in the heart of the Port Region and is surrounded by some of the most important Afro-Brazilian heritage landmarks, such as Pedra do Sal and the Valongo slave market.


Botanic Garden of Rio tour

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden opened in 1808. It was initially a place to experiment with plants sent from other Portuguese provinces, and from the La Gabrielle Botanical Garden, in the French Guyana, a territory that had been recently invaded by the Portuguese-Brazilian troops. Its main goal was to research plants with economic profit. In the Botanical Garden’s recent history, more precisely since half of the 1980s, when environmental issues started to build up in the international scenario, the floristic studies were encouraged. The efforts were centered on the creation of inventories on the national conservation units, mainly national parks and biological reserves. Nowadays, it has also become a very popular and beautiful walking area for cariocas and tourists.

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