Passinho Conversation / Passinho Workshop

Passinho is a very popular dance among youth in Brazil and it’s also a cultural phenomenon that was born in Rio de Janeiro favelas, it has influences of Brazilian funk and other Brazilian dances but also received influences of American styles such as hip hop.


  • Dance
  • Culture
  • American Influences

Carnival Experience by Pimpolhos da Grande Rio

This tour presents the universe of the Rio de Janeiro samba schools, showing the backstage of the creation of the show and the history of the birth of samba in Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.


  • Carnival
  • History of Samba
  • Dance Schools

Projeto Morrinho Visit / Workshop

Located in the favela Pereira da Silva in the south zone of Rio, Morrinho is a cultural and social project that consists of a 400m2 model of a favela cityscape built with old bricks, remains and other recycled materials. It is a cultural oasis for children of the community that can interact with art, play and express themselves and their reality in a creative manner. Morrinho has produced installations all over the world and was one of the biggest attractions at the 2007 Venice Art Biennale.


  • Social Project
  • Recycling
  • Community

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