360 GLE™

Global Learning Experiences

360 GLE™ is an interactive platform featuring immersive international education learning materials and experiences from all over the world.  

The ever-growing library of embedded content can be used by faculty and institutions to:

  • supplement and enhance courses
  • recruit more students for study abroad programs
  • achieve internationalization and DEI goals
  • and now, you can also access complete courses 

360 GLE™ helps institutions build globally competent and competitive students, expanding their career opportunities and perspectives.


The 360 GLE™ content is made available to your entire institution (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) on an annual subscription basis. 

The platform can be accessed anytime through web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart boards, VR headsets, etc. 

Once inside the platform, you can navigate to any of the locations and academic topics available to interact with icons in the various scenes, modules, and videos.

All content is asynchronous and self-paced.


SAA's 360 GLE
















  • Unlimited access to 1 area of study: Humanities, Science, Business, or Global Perspectives
  • Unlimited access to all your faculty and students
  • Access to Intro to Humanities in Italy (Rome, Tuscany, Venice) module designed to generate revenue through continuing education + matching itinerary community trip
  • 1 Faculty workshop 
  • Ability to match current 360 GLE™ content to support your course syllabi
  • Ability to develop on-site study abroad programs paired with 360 GLE™ content (hybrid programs)
  • Technical support


  • Unlimited access to all areas of study
  • Unlimited access to all faculty and students
  • Full access to the 48 hour Global 360 – Cultural Studies Course
  • Access to Intro to Humanities in Italy (Rome, Tuscany, Venice) module designed to generate revenue through continuing education + matching itinerary community trip
  • Free access to SAA’s global education events International Education Week (Fall) and Global Learning Fest (Spring)
  • Faculty workshops
  • Branded promotional materials 
  • Ability to match current 360 GLE™ content to support your course syllabi 
  • Ability to develop on-site study abroad programs paired with 360 GLE™ content (hybrid programs)
  • Technical Support




  1. Developing credit-bearing courses. As an example, take a moment to explore the popular course that Central Piedmont Community College has developed.
  2. Supplemental learning materials to enhance the curriculum and keep students engaged – Faculty have access to highly interactive, up-to-date, multidisciplinary educational content featuring experts in the field from across the globe that they can easily infuse into their courses.
  3. Promotion and recruitment for traditional study abroad. Institutions are building traditional faculty-led study abroad programs around the 360 GLE™ units to market and promote traditional experiences. Additionally using 360 GLE™ as a pre-trip / post-trip tool and as a study abroad pre-requisite. Even if it’s a different destination than you’re offering, it’s an effective way to inspire the students to explore the world. In student surveys from our IEW trial event, 99% of students responded that 360 GLE™ inspired them to travel to the destination.
  4. Faculty Professional Development – Faculty are trained on how to use educational technology to keep students highly engaged and enhance their courses. Additionally, faculty are connecting with the 360 GLE™ global experts from the field through live streaming sessions to bring global perspectives into their courses.
  5. Fulfilling Global Competency Requirements through 360 GLE™ and global live streaming sessions. The North Carolina Community College System is using 360 GLE™ as a solution for their NC Global Scholars of Distinction program from UNC Chapel Hill ensuring all students can access international education.
  6. Equity Solution for campus-wide access to international education. Institutions are building programming during academic calendar breaks, International Education Week, and National Study Abroad Day. Additionally, they’re converting the courses they offer with traditional faculty-led as a virtual option allowing more students the opportunity to enroll.
  7. Offering non-credit courses through Continuing Education – We have a pre-built, stand-alone course that you can adopt and offer to your community to drive tuition revenue and engage with your local lifelong learners.
  8. Creating the Global Learning Lab – promoted campus-wide and allows unlimited access to your entire student body, institutions that are back on campus are hosting the Global Learning Lab at the study abroad office, or in the library, some with Oculus Quest VR goggles.
  9. Enrollment Recruitment – Institutions are attracting concurrent/dual credit students from local high schools showcasing their global offerings and exciting technology-infused courses
  10. Variation of Freshman Orientation / College Success courses to introduce students to the institution’s study abroad offerings and global mission.


To make a global education accessible to all. Our aim was to create a solution that would capture the educational experiences that students experience on traditional study abroad programs and recreate that into an immersive and interactive learning space. Institutions looking to create a global foundation on their campus need to be able to provide students and faculty with interactive experiences that are self-paced and accessible to everyone.

Yes, we understand faculty buy-in is essential and will provide workshops and training to your faculty to share with them best practices and how to easily and effectively incorporate 360 GLE™ into their courses. Our goal is to make sure each institution has a great success story.

Yes! Each year we feature new destinations from diverse global regions and produce up-to-date, multidisciplinary content to be used in the classroom and on campus. Our goal is to ensure that content is produced in diverse areas of study, allowing more faculty the opportunity of bringing global elements into their curriculum.

Yes, with your active institution subscription the content library and 360 GLE™ units will only grow and never expire. Each year your students and faculty will be able to access the previous year’s content while exploring the new destinations each year.

Subscription includes unlimited access.

Subscription includes unlimited users.


Anyone with your school email address.

365 days from activation.

Most institutions activate their subscription on July 1st to follow the fiscal calendar. However, this is 100% flexible and can be customized based on your needs.

360 GLE™ is accessible on all web-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smartboard, and VR Goggles.

360 GLE™ is faculty driven, meaning we collect thorough feedback from all of the subscribed institutions on which global destinations and areas of study they’d like to see. We aim to feature a variety of destinations each year from diverse global regions featuring in-depth multidisciplinary content. A typical 360 GLE year could like this:

Latin America: Brazil
Europe: Spain
Africa: Ghana
Middle East: Israel / Palestine
Asia: Japan
Southeast Asia: Thailand

Yes, we can track who has registered, activated their account and logged into the platform.

Yes, we currently have ADA level AA requirements and all of our content has captioning.


Yes. Faculty have access to the 360 GLE™ units as well as our continually growing video library featuring all of the content from 360 GLE™ as well as recorded live streaming sessions from across the globe.

Absolutely. This is a community effort. We collect feedback and requests from our subscribers each year and develop content that was requested by the majority.

Yes. A few programs are multilingual and are translated with captioning in English. We plan to produce experiences for foreign language classes due to demand. Currently featuring units in French, Spanish and Italian.

Tour sizes vary. We continue to dissect and create mini units that can be as long as 30 minutes. Other larger units are around 1 hour depending on the amount of scenes and length of videos. Faculty can assign individual scenes from units based on their needs.

No. We built 360 GLE™ with the vision of being accessible for all. You can access all content through any web-enabled device.

Oculus Quest 2 for the quality, experience and price. Is Google cardboard a good solution? No. we don’t advise VR goggles that use the smartphone due to the goggle limitations (no or limited controllers to point and click).