Virtual Study Abroad Opportunities

In critical times, opportunities and innovation present themselves. How do we reduce financial risk and liability for institutions and students and make programs more accessible for students, while still providing an in-depth international experience? The answer is to go virtual and internationalize your curriculum with Virtual Study Abroad.

Study Abroad Association in partnership with international higher-ed consortiums, experts in the field, tech/software companies, foreign universities across the globe and experienced IT educators are committed to bringing global experiences and access directly to your classroom.

All Virtual Study Abroad programs are customized and adapted to tie directly into your curriculum and infuse global learning into your global learning outcomes. Our vision is to bring your textbooks, syllabi and online modules to life and build complementary international educational materials to enhance your courses.

Within the world of International Education, the most repeated idea is: “Bring your classroom to the world.” This idea is one we’ve pursued for over a decade, but why not also bring the world to your classroom?

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Why Virtual Study Abroad?

  1. It’s Accessible and Affordable
    Not everyone can study abroad due to limited funds, time, resources, mobility issues, etc. Virtual Study Abroad is for many the only way to experience the world and international education. Virtual Study Abroad drastically reduces costs while providing great learning experiences for your students.
  2. Now, more than ever, it’s necessary
    In times when travel becomes limited, virtual study abroad becomes the most efficient way to connect students with the outside world. Our mission is to increase participation and accessibility in international education while making the world available to everyone.
  3. Increase Study Abroad Participation at Your Institution
    You might wonder; how can a virtual experience increase physical participation in studying abroad? It is simple. Virtual Study Abroad will inspire and motivate the students that were hesitant to take the first steps, or never even thought of the idea of going abroad. In fact, nurturing curiosity, lowering fear, increasing motivation are all factors that will contribute positively towards increasing participation in traditional study abroad at your institution.
  4. It’s Risk-Free
    Every institution has its own policy and procedures when it comes to taking students outside of the country. Virtual study abroad not only has zero risks for the students but drastically reduces liability from the institution. In fact, the ability of the students to visualize reality in a foreign country will help raise their awareness when they actually decide to go abroad helping ensure they have a safe experience. Educational experiences being canceled due to Level 3 Travel Advisories are a thing of the past.
  5. No More Program Cancellations
    One of the biggest challenges institutions and especially Community Colleges are facing is the ability to reach the minimum number of participants necessary for a study abroad program. The last thing an educator or program provider wants to do is cancel a program that has been in the making for over a year due to low participation. Going virtual ensures that the program won’t be canceled.

Most Popular Virtual Options:

Virtual Study Abroad

Personalized Live Streaming Global Experiences from Experts in the Field

Live streaming global experiences is the opportunity to bring professionals from around the globe directly into your classrooms, or into your online classes to present and discuss various topics. Imagine Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, Authors, Politicians, Artists, Directors of NGOs, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Musicians, Chefs, Historians, Seasoned Tour Guides, Community Leaders, Environmental and Human Rights Activists speaking and interacting directly with your students.
The live sessions offer informative presentations and workshops with plenty of Q&A and open discussion to enhance your courses and learning outcomes.

SUPPLEMENTAL 360° Learning Content – Enhanced – Interactive and Immersive Learning
Enhance your course by building virtual supplemental content to go along with your learning materials. Immerse your students in locations around the globe allowing them to navigate and interact with their surroundings and bring the course to life. Experiences include everything from visiting renewable energy plants, studying marine biology, interacting with indigenous groups in the Andes, studying architecture/civil engineering, and exploring ancient archaeological sites in Egypt, Greece and Rome. In-depth supplemental content can be built for all courses and areas of study.

Our L.I.V.E. system is designed to facilitate connections between professors and students around the globe.

Engage with foreign university students and educators in collaborative virtual learning spaces in your area of study. A typical L.I.V.E. experience includes Ice breakers, roundtable discussions, language exchange, team building, critical thinking assignments, cross-cultural communication, and group projects.

Full length customized virtual study abroad programs

Full length customized virtual study abroad programs allow all students to have immersive and interactive international learning opportunities. Everything that the students would experience on a traditional faculty-led study abroad, they’ll experience virtually. These experiences are filmed in 360° with a range between 4k – 8k and accessible through all forms of technology (mobile phones, tablets, desktop, etc.). More excitingly, since these are shot in 360° students are able to use VR goggles to have an immersive experience. This can work with basic tools like Google’s VR Cardboard to more advanced VR Goggles like Oculus. These programs can be fully customized to satisfy contact hours, learning outcomes, and provide in-depth experiences that all students can access.
Additionally, they can be plugged into all Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle.

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Christian Alyea

Leonardo Gubinelli 

Meet Educators Who are Going Virtual!

Dr. Richard Johnson – Harper College

Italy Humanities 101 – Early Christianity in Rome

Richard Johnson

We are collaborating with SAA on a dynamic series of what I call “remote interactive globally-infused learning modules” that may be inserted and/or complement existing curricula in a variety of disciplines. In this day and age of “stay-at-home orders,” “quarantines,” and “remote learning,” it is imperative that institutions of higher education lead. These virtual globally-infused modules will be curriculum-based, grounded in learning outcomes, and collapse time and space in a more dynamic and interactive way than existing modalities. They will be interrogative and investigatory, truly heuristic in their design. Their goal will be to allow faculty to guide their students intentionally and encourage students to explore according to their own interests and imagination, creating a dynamic and adaptive remote learning environment. Needless to say, I’m really excited about this project and thankful for the visionary partnership of SAA.