360° Global Learning Materials and Virtual Study Abroad Solutions

Virtual Study Abroad experiences are an innovative way to reach more students and faculty, as well as further promote traditional study abroad. These virtual study abroad opportunities have far fewer limits and are accessible to all. Virtual study abroad experiences will continue to develop, diversify, and evolve into the future while going hand in hand with existing programs.

These are not intended to be mere replacements for traditional study abroad, but an enhancement, a way to actually further promote faculty-led programs. Understanding the value and impact of global learning, our mission is to ensure all students and faculty have access to international education opportunities through an innovative and in-depth format.

Our Virtual International Education solutions can be separated into two categories:


Bring your classroom to the world,
and the world to your class.



360° Global Supplemental Learning Materials – Subscription Model

Our innovative asynchronous subscription model features self-paced, interactive 360° Global Supplemental Learning Materials that can be used to internationalize the curriculum and provide all students and faculty access to international education, in an easy, effective, and engaging way, no matter the barriers. The subscription provides institutions unlimited access and unlimited users. Students who can’t physically travel because of mobility conditions, lack of financial resources, time, or are simply unaware, can now have an in-depth and interactive international education experience. Travel restrictions no longer exist. 

We launched the 360° Global Supplemental Learning Materials subscription model by creating 48 hours of interactive content split between 4 areas of study: Humanities, Sciences, Business, and Global Perspectives, featuring 9 countries in year one: Costa Rica, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, and India. 

Faculty play a key role in all of this and are the engine behind content creation. We regularly meet with administrators, division chairs and inspired faculty to listen to what global topics and areas of study they’d like to incorporate into their courses, we compare the requests from all of the member institutions and we develop the globally infused content. It’s a collective community-driven educational sharing model. 

The pricing of the subscription model is of exceptional value.


discoverED 360° DEMO


1 Destination – Multifocus



1 Area of Study



4 Areas of Study


The subscription price is per institution, provides unlimited access and unlimited users for 365 days from the activation date. Yes, unlimited users, no matter your enrollment size.



LIVE Streaming Experiences and other Virtual Solutions

It’s also possible to incorporate synchronous experiences into the asynchronous model to create an unbeatable international educational experience. It’s impossible to deny the value of student to student and faculty to faculty international educational experiences, as well as the power of open discussion and Q&A. Understanding this, we’ve created a wide variety of synchronous solutions to meet the needs of all institutions.

Live Streaming Global Experiences, Presentations and Workshops

This is the perfect opportunity to bring professionals from around the globe directly into the classrooms to discuss various topics. From Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, Artists, Directors of NGOs, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Musicians, Chefs, Historians, Seasoned Tour Guides, Community Leaders, Sustainability Experts and more, speaking and interacting directly with students. The live sessions offer informative presentations and workshops with plenty of Q&A and open discussion to enhance your courses and learning outcomes.

L.I.V.E – Live International Virtual Exchange

Team up with universities around the globe to provide group learning opportunities and allow your students and faculty to engage with students and faculty in different countries. 

Gain real-world work experience through international virtual exchange. Offered in all fields in various destinations around the globe.

Other virtual experiences

Virtual Internships

A virtual internship is a great opportunity to work on a global level, gain valuable experience and yet stay local.
It can be done from anywhere, allowing students to work in a flexible and multicultural environment and grow professionally, without having to be present at the job location.

Find your ideal internship today!

Virtual Language Classes & Virtual homestays

Master foreign languages with live language exchange and virtual homestays.

Customized Solutions

Full length customized virtual study abroad programs allow all students to have immersive and interactive international learning opportunities. Everything that the students would experience on a traditional faculty- led study abroad, they’ll experience virtually. These programs can be fully customized to satisfy contact hours, learning outcomes, and provide in- depth experiences that all students can access. 

The options are truly endless. Our synchronous solutions are customized pricing based on your needs. Please fill out the form below to let us know what you’re looking for.

Other payment options:


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Alternative payment methods for instance through online payment will have to be agreed with a representative of Study Abroad Association and will incur an additional fee up to 3% of the total amount.