360° Global Learning Materials and Virtual Study Abroad Solutions


Our virtual study abroad solutions are an innovative way to reach more students and faculty, while further promoting traditional study abroad. These virtual study abroad opportunities provide us an opportunity of making a global education accessible to all. Virtual study abroad experiences will continue to develop, diversify, and evolve into the future while going hand in hand with existing programs. Equity in international education has never been more achievable.

Virtual Study Abroad solutions are not intended to be replacements for traditional study abroad, but enhancements, a way to build interest in faculty-led programs. Understanding the value and impact of global learning, our mission is to ensure all students and faculty have access to international education opportunities through an innovative and in-depth format.

We (SAA) deliver Virtual Global Education experiences in three distinct categories:

360 GLE™ Is an interactive platform featuring up-to-date, immersive international education content and experiences to supplement and enhance classrooms, while internationalizing campuses and building globally competent and competitive students. The 360 GLE platform makes international education accessible to all in an easy, effective, and engaging way, with an interactive user interface and an ever growing library of embedded content. Students who can’t physically travel because of mobility conditions, lack of financial resources, time, or are simply unaware of the benefits, can now have an in-depth and interactive international education experience without barriers. Internationalizing curriculum has never been easier!

LIVE Global Learning Experiences are the perfect opportunity to internationalize courses by bringing professionals from around the globe directly into the classrooms to discuss various topics and share global perspectives. Faculty have access to: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, Artists, Directors of NGOs, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Musicians, Chefs, Historians, Seasoned Tour Guides, Community Leaders, Sustainability Experts and more! Our LIVE Global Learning Experiences offer informative presentations and workshops with plenty of Q&A and open discussion to enhance your courses and learning outcomes.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid programs provide the best of all worlds and are a perfect example of the evolution and innovation taking place in international education. By developing traditional study abroad programs that are inspired by 360 GLE units and scheduling LIVE GLE sessions with the local on-ground experts, faculty are able to offer extremely in-depth pre-trip learning opportunities to the students that enhance their overall learning experience on the physical program. Additionally, hybrid programs provide a highly effective recruiting tool to better promote study abroad programs increasing enrollment. Hybrid programs provide institutions an opportunity to develop global education courses in the virtual format ensuring more students can enroll in the course and that the course can still be offered no matter the circumstances.