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Virtual Study Abroad experiences are an innovative way to reach more students and faculty, as well as further promote traditional study abroad. These virtual study abroad opportunities have far fewer limits and are accessible to all. Virtual study abroad experiences will continue to develop, diversify, and evolve into the future while going hand in hand with existing programs.

These are not intended to be mere replacements for traditional study abroad, but an enhancement, a way to actually further promote faculty-led programs. Understanding the value and impact of global learning, our mission is to ensure all students and faculty have access to international education opportunities through an innovative and in-depth format. Bring your classroom to the world, and the world to your class.

We offer various models and options available to each institution.

Read on to find out what best fits your needs.

Virtual Shared Model – 48 hours of Globally Infused Virtual Content & Learning Materials

The virtual shared model has been developed with the aim to keep these opportunities accessible and affordable to everyone without compromising the quality of the content.

This program consists of 48 hours of globally infused virtual learning experiences spread over four main areas of study:

  • Humanities: History, Art, Literature and Philosophy.
  • Science:  Biology, Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Oceanography and Environmental Science.
  • Business: International Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Economical Crisis, Supply Chain, Renewable Energy, CSR, Brexit and COVID-19.
  • Global Perspectives: History, Religion, Gender Equality, Local Politics, Health Care, Education, Cuisine, Culture, Music and Current Events.

Participating institutions have unlimited annual access and are able to share the material with their entire student body, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Each area of study will contain 12 hours of virtual, supplemental, globally-infused, real-world content; totaling 48 hours of internationalized content and materials. These resources are created for faculty to use as supplemental global learning materials to assist in internationalizing and enhancing their curriculum. The content has been created alongside Ph.D. and advanced degree educators from across the United States and the globe.

Full access licensing – 4 areas of study

The licensing for the shared model for the four programs is $4,995 for one academic year of unlimited access and users.

Full access licensing – 1 or more areas of study

You also have the option to access one or more areas of study of your choice for $1,995 for one academic year of unlimited access and users.

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Payment Options:

Other Payment Option:

Preferred payment methods: Bank Transfer or Official Check.

Bank Details:

Bank Name: Bank of America

Account Name: Study Abroad Association, LLC

Account Number: 229056226020

Routing Number: 026009593


Alternative payment methods for instance through online payment will have to be agreed with a representative of Study Abroad Association and will incur an additional fee up to 3% of the total amount.

Customized Hybrid Programs

We understand the amount of work that goes into preparing a study abroad course and that is why the hybrid model is an optimal solution for ensuring that your faculty’s hard work is not in vain. Hybrid study abroad programs can be created and paired with any traditional study abroad program. 

The hybrid model allows institutions to: 

  • Increase course enrollment by making study abroad courses available to the entire student body 
  • Have a secure insurance policy in place that if the program is canceled for whatever reason, there is still an internationally-based educational and cultural experience available to the students. This provides faculty and students assurance that the course which the faculty prepared and in which the students are enrolling will still be able to run. 
  • Allow students the possibility to use FAFSA, Pell grants, student loans, scholarships, etc. towards the cost of the program. 
  • Allow accessibility to students who are unable to join the physical travel program an internationally-based educational program for whatever reason (physical limitations, financial, lack of time, job commitments, or uncertainty of travel). 
  • Add a virtually enhanced, globally infused course to the course catalog that departments and faculty can continue to offer in future semesters in addition to using them as promotional materials for traditional study abroad programs. 
  • Provide in-depth pre-trip lessons and post-trip assignments with the virtual materials. 
  • Posses a product that never expires that faculty and students can continue to use as an educational resource

Let us know what traditional study abroad programs and courses you would like to transform into hybrid programs and we’ll prepare an accessible quote for you.

Customized Solutions

Are you looking for a customized virtual learning solution for your institution? 

We can assist you with an ample selection and variety of virtual learning content, from personalized Live-Streamed seminars, 360° Virtual Interactive supplemental material, Live Virtual Classroom exchange and much more. 

View a customized sample: Global Climate Change and Human Impact on the Environment – Virtual Study Abroad Experience in Italy  

Please get in touch with us and let us know what your goals are and how we can best customize and tailor your program.

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