Political Science & Criminal Justice

SAA political science and criminal justice programs allow students to get an international view of politics and law in countries around the globe with varying systems of justice and government.

Every program includes visits to key governmental buildings, offices, and headquarters. In some programs, students will be able to sit in on legislative sessions to see the government in action.

To learn more about criminal justice, they will tour police headquarters and prisons, and meet with experts and professionals in the fields of law, crime, and forensics. Additionally, we host specialized tours on infamous criminals and visit important locations that defined their cases.

There will also be tours of local museums focused on politics, criminal justice, and more that give students an additional historical perspective on the fields.

Browse our most popular political science and criminal justice programs below, with links to view the full itinerary and request a personalized quote.

Available destinations

We offer programs in over 24 countries worldwide. If you have another destination in mind for your program that is not included in this list, feel free to contact us to begin fully customizing your perfect itinerary.

United Kingdom

forensics, criminal justice, law


political science & criminal justice

Netherlands & Belgium

political science & criminal justice


political science & criminal justice


international politics

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