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Appreciate masterpieces in the locations they were created to be seen. Experience world-famous museums, monuments, and venues, while exploring the cities that inspired the most famous artists, writers, and musicians of all time.

Allied Health & Dental Hygiene

Shadow professionals in the medical industry, as well as assist in communities that are in great need. In addition, learn about traditional medicinal plants and alternative medicines.


Study architecture from the masters by touring the heart of cities around the world and visiting venues and monuments that showcase famous historical periods.

Anthropology, Archaeology, & History

Explore archaeological sites that include ancient ruins, architecture, petroglyphs, and more. Visit indigenous tribes to study new cultures.


Take biology into the field with research projects. Visit universities and companies to attend lectures and to tour science facilities. Experience and study exotic flora and fauna in their natural habitat

Business & Social Entrepreneurship

Attend classes crafted around co-working spaces and accelerators in cosmopolitan cities and sit in other universities’ classes. Visit innovative companies and learn about their business models.


Compare different educational systems around the globe while engaging and co-teaching with students and faculty from the country you’re visiting.

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Discover the true flavors, ingredients, and recipes that define some of the world’s most famous cuisines. Explore markets, farms, restaurants, and kitchens to learn techniques from grandmothers to masters.


Dive into diverse cultures from around the world. Study and experience the world’s greatest literature, theater, and music in person in the countries where some of the most iconic and influential movements in each medium originated.

Language & Culture

Visit authentic neighborhoods and mingle with locals to broaden your language skills. Travel with a native guide that will facilitate engagement with locals, and spend time in the classroom to improve fluency.


Walk in the footsteps of famous authors and visit their hometowns. Attend theatre performances, backstage tours and historical landmarks. Explore filming locations and admire the landscapes used in the movies that gave life to written masterpieces.

Political Science & Criminal Justice

Study the state of criminal justice by visiting courthouses, police headquarters, and more, and see lawmakers in action. Go on tours to discover the legends behind some of history’s most famous criminals.

Service Learning

Learn the real meaning of giving back. Engage directly with local communities and projects, to build sustainable programs that have long-term positive effects. Important projects around the world need your help, your knowledge, and most of all your compassion.


Gain real-world experience and knowledge in thriving sustainable industries and companies around the globe. Fuel your love for the natural sciences by studying chemistry, biology, and more. Take the lab to the field to directly observe and study the planet

Performing Arts

Feel the artistic rhythms of the world through traditional dance, music and theatrical performances. Gain a better understanding and deeper appreciation of why performance art, music, theater and dance are essential to all cultures across the globe.


Psychology has a long past. Take a trip through the history of psychology, where the study of the mind received great contributions from some of the most brilliant psychologists such as Sigmund Freud. Travel to different destinations around the world and deepen your understanding of this subject. Our programs cover various sub-fields of study areas such as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive processes.


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Explore bustling cities and serene picturesque countryside villages. Visit a land of ancient history and unique culture. Experience the Italian way of life and dive deep into famous cityscapes as well as the heart of country living.

United Kingdom

Experience unmatched offerings of beautiful scenery, rich history, and cultural variety. Explore these individual nations leading the way in passion and vigor. Learn how the UK is multicultural and easily accessible for first-time travelers.

Costa Rica

Visit the Latin American gem that is known for its breathtaking nature and friendly locals. Become immersed in a highly diverse ecosystem, with a myriad of natural wonders, such as dense tropical forests, pristine beaches, and active volcanoes.


Explore a lively country of amazing architecture, cuisine, and more. Experience a highly-varied culture shaped by centuries of invaders that is home to 47 World Heritage Sites, and 14 national “Human Treasures”.“Human Treasures”.

Central Europe

Discover Europe’s “best kept secret” and travel to the region that is considered to have a “common historical, social, and cultural identity”. Go on a multi-country journey to visit major cities such as Prague, Berlin, Vienna, and more.


Explore a stunning country that is a dichotomy of clear Caribbean waters and dense tropical forests. Experience the staggering diversity and unbelievable beauty of Belize’s landscapes, and learn of a history steeped in the ancient Mayan past.


Visit the “Emerald Isle” with its captivating culture, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and friendly people. Become immersed in an extremely unique culture that is a blend of the modern mixed with an indigenous culture.


Explore one of the largest countries in Europe, from alpine villages to medieval cities. Become immersed in its rich history, delectable cuisines, and gorgeous landscapes that range from snowy mountains to pristine Mediterranean beaches.


Travel to where the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountains collide to a country that is exceptionally diverse and authentic. Discover the “richest country in the world” through its unforgettable culture, people, food, history, and more.


Travel to the “cradle of Western civilization”, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Learn how the ancient Greeks pioneered many fields and birthed much of western civilization, including philosophy, science, politics, and more.


Experience one of the most charming countries in the world, located in the heart of Europe, full of lush landscapes of forests and mountains. Discover over 2 millennia of history, and learn how Germany is leading the way in innovation and diversity.

Dominican Republic


Visit the country where ancient traditions and modern culture fantastically collide. Become immersed in centuries’ worth of ancient traditions and visit the most infamous shrines, temples, castles, and more.




Experience the country known for its gorgeous tulip fields and windmills. Visit sophisticated Amsterdam, home to famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, and learn about the country’s unique political past.



Visit a picturesque country home to high peaks, countless lakes, and medieval villages. Learn about the industries that the country is known for, such as watches and chocolate, all while exploring one of the most developed countries.


Visit the Central American country that is filled with rainforests,                    boisterous volcanoes, and ancient Mayan ruins. Discover the hidden legends and historical roots of the Maya, and learn how some ancient traditions still live on today.


Get taken to another world, one of staggering diversity and beautiful sights. Experience the fascinating culture that is shaped by many influences, from Arabian to European. Become fully immersed in maze-like markets and ride camels in the desert.

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Explore the world’s most populous country, home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations and centuries of powerful dynasties. Discover highly diverse and beautiful landscapes, and experience a rich traditional culture integral to China’s identity.

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Discover the nation that resides in two hemispheres, with magnificent Andean highlands, dense jungle, and the lush Galápagos Islands. Visit major cities that are highly diverse, with storied histories from the Incan Empire, Spanish colonialism, and more.

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From the rolling hillside, to the bustling and vibrant capital of Taipei, discover this wondrous island that has a multicultural past and rich spiritual heritage. Learn how Taiwan is leading the way in human development and various industries. development and various industries.

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Explore a country that is diverse in every way, including geography, culture, and ethnicities. Learn more about Argentina’s storied history, and be immersed in a culture that has been influenced by immigration from around the world.

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South Africa

Travel to the southernmost tip of Africa to a country that is home to many ecosystems. Explore everything from Kalahari dunes to the shorelines of Cape Town. Experience one of the largest megadiverse countries, with countless flora and fauna.

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United States

Visit major cities such as New York City and Washington DC, the nation’s powerhouses for business and politics. Tour the southwest and discover the beautiful and diverse landscapes that are showcased in national parks and reserves.

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Explore the 6th largest country, with its wide variety of climates and unbelievably vast size. Experience the continent as a whole by taking excursions to surrounding islands that host unique natural wonders, and adventure across thousands of miles in one program.

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Experience a massive and densely populated country with ancient roots going back 30,000 years. Become immersed in a culture that is splendid, colorful, and unique. Explore the spiritual landscape where 4 of the world’s major religions were born.

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