Virtual Study Abroad Shared Model

The Virtual Study Abroad Shared Model 2021 contains four main areas of study: Humanities, Business, Science, and Global Perspectives.

Humanities – History, Art, Literature, and Philosophy.

Science – Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Ocean and Environmental.

Business – International Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Economical Crisis, Supply Chain, Renewable Energy, CSR, Brexit, and COVID-19.

Global Perspectives – History, Religion, Gender Equality, Local Politics, Health Care, Education, Cuisine, Culture, Music, and Current Events.

Each area of study contains 12 hours of virtual, supplemental, globally-infused real-world content; totaling 48 hours of internationalized content and materials. The learning materials will be interfaced and accessible by January 1st, 2021 through the Learning Management Systems and all forms of technology including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Additionally, students can use VR Goggles to enhance these experiences.

Full details of the shared cost model 2021, on the related attached pdf: SAA-VirtualStudyAbroad.pdf

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Preferred payment methods: Bank Transfer or Official Check. 

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Bank Name: Bank of America 

Account Name: Study Abroad Association, LLC 

Account Number: 229056226020 

Routing Number: 026009593 


Alternative payment methods for instance through online payment will have to be agreed with a representative of Study Abroad Association and will incur an additional fee up to 3% of the total amount. 


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