London: Gothic Literature



8 days




Program includes

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • 6 Nights of Accommodation
  • All Ground Transportation
  • Daily Continental Breakfast
  • Welcome & Farewell Dinners
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Full-Time Guide & Assistance

Program highlights

  • Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Tower of London
  • London Bridge and Tombs Experience
  • Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Cemetery Tour: ‘Life & Death in Victorian London’
  • Stonehenge & Bath Excursion
  • Historical & Cultural Walking Tours


Day 1 – Departure

  • Depart Home for London, England

Day 2 – London

  • Arrive in London, England
  • Airport Transfer
  • Orientation Walking Tour – The group will become oriented with their neighborhood, the public transportation systems, nearby pharmacies, markets, ATMs, etc.
  • Welcome Dinner – The group will be taken for an authentic dinner with a variety of menu options to cater all diets.

Day 3 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Westminster Walking Tour of London – Westminster is London at its grandest: the place where kings and queens are crowned, where they lived, and often were buried. It’s the forge of the national destiny, the place where the heart of the Empire beat, the Mecca of politicians throughout the ages. The past here is cast in stone and we take it all in: ancient Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament, the Jewel Tower, Westminster Abbey and more…
  • Lunch Break
  • Tower of London – Behind the castle’s walls were storehouses for weapons and the Royal Mint produced the nation’s coins.Despite its fearsome reputation the story of imprisonment at the Tower is not just one of traitors and gruesome executions. It is also a tale of luxury, banquets and daring escapes.
  • Jack The Ripper Evening Tour – As the night falls, and the long shadows reach into the darker recesses of the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, our Original Jack the Ripper Crime Scene Investigation sets out to join the Victorian police as they hunt history’s most infamous serial killer through the crooked, cobbled alleyways of the Victorian abyss.

Day 4 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • London Bridge and Tombs – Set within the original historical vaults of London Bridge, come and see real history where traitors heads have been displayed and plague victims were buried! Travel back in time through this award winning immersive show and explore 2000 years of London’s gruesome history, in the vaults of the city’s most historical bridge.
  • Lunch Break
  • Life and Death in Victorian London – This tour introduces you to the best and the worst of life in Victorian London. On a specially-curated walk through areas of outstanding Victorian character, you’ll see beautiful train stations and opulent hotels alongside old slums and churches whose gruesome graveyards literally bulge with bodies. The highlight is a special access tour of the Highgate Cemetery to see the graves of famous Victorians, including Karl Marx and George Eliot.

Day 5 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • British Library – From wild and remote landscapes to vulnerable heroines; from violent and erotic fantasies to supernatural and uncanny happenings; Gothic fiction has intrigued and unsettled readers for more than two centuries.
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum – 221b Baker Street is now a charming museum recreating Holmes’ Victorian house as described in the books. The first floor study of the Sherlock Holmes Museum is lovingly maintained in its full Victorian splendour, just as described in Conan Doyle’s published stories. Hidden away between 241 and 237 Baker Street, the museum pays homage to the great detective and Dr Watson and is home to hundreds of unique artefacts, antiques and memorabilia.
  • Structured Free Time & Cultural Immersion

Day 6 – Stonehenge & Bath

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Day Trip to Stonehenge & Bath
  • Stonehenge – The World Heritage Site of Stonehenge is one of the most iconic prehistoric monuments in Europe. Built in the late Neolithic period around 2,500 BC, the construction of this imposing and fascinating stone circle is shrouded in mystery – what was it actually built for? And how did the Neolithic people build such a wonder using simple tools and equipment?
  • Bath City – Next, continue west to the 18th-century city of Bath. All honey-stoned townhouses, terraces and bridges, this UNESCO-listed city is one of England’s crowning glories.
  • Return to London

Day 7 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • London Free Day – The group will be provided numerous suggestions and optional activities to make the most out of their free day.
  • Farewell Dinner & Program Closing – The group will be taken for an authentic dinner with a variety of menu options to cater all diets.

Day 8 – Departure

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Airport Transfer
  • Depart London, England for Home

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