London, England: Business Studies



10 days




Program includes

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • 8 Nights of Accommodation
  • All Ground Transportation
  • Daily Continental Breakfast
  • Welcome & Farewell Dinners
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Historical & Cultural Walking Tours
  • Full-Time Guide & Assistance

Program highlights

  • Start-up Business Visit
  • Silicon Roundabout & Tech City Tour
  • City of London Financial Walking Tour
  • Lecture at Bank of England Museum
  • Local Brewery Visit
  • English Premier League Soccer Stadium Tour
  • British Museum
  • National Gallery


Day 1 – Departure

  • Depart Home for London, England

Day 2 – London

  • Arrive in London, England
  • Airport Transfer
  • Orientation Walking Tour – The group will become oriented with their neighborhood, the public transportation systems, nearby pharmacies, markets, ATMs, etc.
  • Welcome Dinner – The group will be taken for an authentic dinner with a variety of menu options to cater all diets.

Day 3 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • London Historical & Cultural Walking Tour – The Monument, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Church of the Knights Templar, Mansion House, London Bridge, The Globe Theatre, The Bank of England, The Royal Exchange.
  • Bricklane International Market
  • Lunch Break
  • British Museum – The British Museum is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture. It’s permanent collection of some eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence, having been widely sourced during the era of the British Empire.

Day 4 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • National Gallery – The collection comprises some 2,000 works, but it is regarded by many as the most representative sampling of European painting in the world.
  • Lunch Break
  • City of London Financial Walking Tour – London Stock Exchange, Guildhall home to the City of London Corporation, Learn about how the Bank of England pioneered the modern banking system.

Day 5 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Westminster District Walking Tour – Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column, The National Gallery, St.James’s Palace, Buckingham Palace, Victoria Memorial , Big Ben, Westminster Abbey , Houses of Parliament and more…
  • Lunch Break
  • Startup Business Visit – The group will visit a local start-up company and learn about their business venture in the extremely competitive London market.

Day 6 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Local Brewery Visit – If you’re a beer fiend, hop (pun intended) on this one hour guided tour to see it being brewed up and prepped for sale. Beer in England has been brewed for hundreds of years. As a beer brewing country, England is known for its top fermented cask beer (also called real ale) which finishes maturing in the cellar of the pub rather than at the brewery and is served with only natural carbonation.
  • Lunch Break
  • Structured Free Time & Cultural Immersion

Day 7 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • English Premier League Soccer Stadium Tour –
    One of the best-known differences between British and American English is the fact that the sport known as football in Great Britain is usually called soccer in the United States. Because the sport originated in England, it is often assumed that soccer is an Americanism. In fact, the word is thoroughly British in origin. So why is it that Americans (not to mention Canadians, Australians, and others) are likelier to use the word than Brits are? The answer lies in how the sport developed in each country.
  • Lunch Break at Borough Market
  • Silicon Roundabout & Tech City Tour

Day 8 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Tate Modern Museum – The National British Museum of Modern Art, better known as the Tate Modern, houses and exhibits international works of modern art from 1900 to the present day.
  • Lunch Break
  • Lecture at Bank of England Museum – This presentation includes short animated videos that use a nautical theme to explain what the Bank of England does. The modules explain why low inflation and a stable financial system matter. They include a simple guide to the Bank’s roles such as setting the Bank Rate and other types of monetary policy. An Education Officer will introduce the film and then answer questions from the students.

Day 9 – London

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Free Day in London – The group will be provided numerous suggestions and optional activities to make the most out of their free day.
  • Farewell Dinner & Program Closing – The group will be taken for an authentic dinner with a variety of menu options to cater all diets.

Day 10 – Departure

  • Breakfast & Day Briefing
  • Airport Transfer
  • Depart London, England for Home

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