Italy is a country of both bustling cities and serene picturesque countryside villages. It is a land of ancient history and unique culture.

While touring the famous cityscapes of Rome, Florence, Venice, and more, students will experience the Italian way of life as well as dive deep into their program’s area of study.

In the Italian countryside, we can visit Tuscan farms and vineyards for a look into Italy’s varied culinary scene, and go off the beaten track to find destinations that are usually forgotten.

Italy was at the forefront of many art movements during the Renaissance, and Leonardo da Vinci was born here, which makes Italy a perfect destination for your next art program. In addition, its ancient historical and cultural roots go deep and much of antiquity is still on display today in ruins, museums, and more. This is the perfect destination for anthropology, archaeology, or history programs!

No matter your preferred area of study, Italy is a great choice for studying abroad, and we can work with you to customize your itinerary! View our featured program below, or browse other Italy programs such as Childhood EducationCulinary Arts, and Architecture and Engineering.

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We offer programs in 16 areas of study and growing. If you have another area of study in mind for your program that is not included in the list below, feel free to contact us to begin fully customizing your perfect itinerary.

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