Germany, a Western European country with a lush landscape of forests and mountains, is a country with over 2 millennia of history.

It is one of the most charming countries in the world, and has the biggest economy in Europe. Germany is culturally diverse due to its location in the heart of Europe and its storied past.

In the metropolitan areas, Berlin is leading the way in artistic expression and innovation, while Munich is home to centuries-old historic buildings and numerous museums.

Germany is a great destination for business students, as the country’s market is gaining in success from high innovation and low corruption. Additionally, it is the world’s third largest exporter of goods and has the largest national economy in Europe.

No matter your preferred area of study, Germany is a great choice for studying abroad, and we can work with you to customize your itinerary! View our featured program below, or browse other Germany programs such as Art and Design, and Business and Entrepreneurship.

Available Areas of Study*

• Art & Design
• Business Studies
• Psychology
• Humanities

*We offer programs in 16 areas of study and growing. If you have another area of study in mind for your program that is not included in this list, feel free to contact us to begin fully customizing your perfect itinerary.

Featured Germany Program

Germany: Art & Design

  • Bauhaus Archive
  • UNESCO Museum Island
  • Urban Nation
  • Hamburger Bahnhof Museum
  • The Berlin Art Market
  • Street Art Tour
  • Berlinische Galerie
  • Berggruen Museum
  • Potsdam Day Tour
  • Art, Historical & Cultural Walking Tours

Germany: Business Studies

  • 4 Business Visits
  • BMW Factory, Plant & Museum
  • German Institute for Economic Research
  • UNESCO Museum Island
  • Historical & Cultural Walking Tours

England & Germany: Psychology

  • Sigmund Freud Museum
  • Anna Freud Center
  • Down House
  • Wundt Room
  • Bethlem Museum of the Mind
  • British Museum
  • UNESCO Museum Island

Germany: Humanities

  •  UNESCO Museum Island
  •  The Reichstag Building
  •  Museum of Natural History
  • Berlinische Galerie
  • Jewish Museum
  • Historic City Cruise
  • Potsdam Day Tour
  • Museum Pass

All of our programs are 100% customizable.

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