Childhood & Secondary Education

SAA’s childhood and secondary education programs broaden students’ education skills by tutoring children and shadowing teachers in international classrooms around the world.

Studying education abroad gives new perspectives on teaching and learning styles that are unique to the country being visited. Students can learn new techniques and practical methods to work with children and solve problems in the classroom.

Additionally, these programs are ways to give back to the community, by volunteering at local schools and working with children to further their education and improve their lives.

Experiences unique to studying education abroad will give students more tools back home, such as working with children with a language barrier and different cultural norms. These programs give students the special chance to get an inter-cultural perspective on education.

Browse our most popular childhood and secondary education programs below, with links to view the full itinerary and request a personalized quote.

Available destinations

We offer programs in over 24 countries worldwide. If you have another destination in mind for your program that is not included in this list, feel free to contact us to begin fully customizing your perfect itinerary.


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