Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. What it lacks in size it makes up for in breathtaking nature and friendly locals, who are more than happy to teach travelers the relaxed Caribbean way of “pura vida”, or pure life.

In Costa Rica, students can immerse themselves in the stunning diverse ecosystem, which is comprised of a myriad of natural wonders, such as dense tropical forests, pristine sandy beaches, active volcanoes, and more. The abundant and exotic flora and fauna are ready to be discovered by students from all fields through extensive walking tours in some of the most famous national parks and wildlife reserves.

This Latin American gem is perfect for students in the sciences. Costa Rica derives the majority of its energy from renewable sources, and students can tour the plants, factories, and more that make that possible. Due to its natural diversity, we can take biology out of the classroom and into the field for your students to participate in research projects and study the abundant flora and fauna in its natural habitat.

No matter your preferred area of study, Costa Rica is a great choice for studying abroad, and we can work with you to customize your itinerary! View our featured program below, or browse other Costa Rica programs such as Biology LabService Learning, and Language Immersion.

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