Community College Promise

The Study Abroad Association (SAA) has a decade-long commitment to providing the most in-depth, authentic and affordable travel-learning experiences to students and faculty from community and technical colleges.

We understand the unique challenges, financial and other, that two-year schools and their students commonly face. With our Community College Promise, we are dedicated to making travel-learning a realistic and tangible opportunity for as many students as possible.

SAA promises to make study abroad as accessible and affordable as possible for both faculty and students. We have designed specialized programs, honed and optimized through years of experience, in diverse fields of study, in countries across the globe. Our programs are specially discounted for two-year schools and include a host of benefits and are designed to fit perfectly into preexisting courses.

Additionally, our services allow institutions with limited budgets who might not have an International Education department the opportunity to offer a wide variety of programs and support for faculty and students.

Belong to a Community

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By joining the Community College Promise, you’ll receive the following complimentary benefits:


$500 Student Scholarships

For every ten students registered in a program, we will award a $500 scholarship to a student selected by the school or faculty. This is only applicable for Community Colleges, Technical Colleges and other two-year institutions.


Commitment to Affordability

We promote sustainability with all our programs, empowering local communities and projects in need, as well as establishing long-lasting relationships with everyone we collaborate with. We are also pro-reducing plastic consumption, CO2 emissions, reducing waste, recycling, efficient mobilization, reforestation, minority support, entrepreneurship and community empowerment.

Our Service Learning programs have been designed to support these principles as well as raise awareness amongst students and professors. Read more about our sustainable efforts and global projects that we support, here.


Complete Study Abroad Office Support

From handling payments, enrollments and customized website, airfare, accommodation, transportation, classroom space, expert guides, university visits, guest lectures, booking of tours, excursions, cultural activities, exclusive site visits, all inclusive travelers insurance, post trip case studies and visual materials. We have you completely covered.


Premium Safety and Risk Management Services

We will provide detailed policies and training for professors and students, before and during the program, to ensure that both safety and risk management are properly covered. We will also run smart travel workshops with students prior to travel.


Dedicated Full-Time Account Manager – Plus

We understand how important time management and thorough assistance is for two-year institutions. That’s why, especially for community colleges, we offer premium customer service support and assistance. This expands beyond the normal daily tasks, into strategic consultation and guidance in order to design the most affordable and impactful program for your institution.


Complimentary Faculty and Administrator Workshops

Risk Management Analysis, Optimal Timelines, Procedures/Policies, Best Practices, Program Customization, How to Effectively Promote Programs and Build a Study Abroad Culture on Your Campus.


Free marketing materials

School Branded Promotional Videos, Photos, Posters, On Campus Strategy. On demand we will also assist you in producing post trip case studies.


Extra consultation

Together with your study abroad office, or responsible person, we will review your student population, college’s areas of academic strength and policies; and come up with a strategic analysis and suggestions to increase your study abroad programs and enrollment. We will also connect you with other successful community colleges, recognised throughout the industry, that have managed to find the perfect combination with their study abroad process.

In addition to the complimentary services provided above, each year SAA releases new special focus programs under Community College Promise. The innovative programs are designed to provide students and faculty the most in-depth, experiential learning experiences at the absolute best price in destinations that best match the area of study. In conjunction with foreign universities, participants will have the opportunity to engage with local students and professionals in their area of study, experience hands-on / experiential learning and visit key sites that bring the classroom to life.

All of our programs can be 100% customized. So If you’re looking for a particular program or area of study not mentioned, please click here and complete the Request a Proposal form.
Based on the request, we can have a custom proposal ready for you in less than two weeks.

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