Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by total area, and is considered a single continent when grouped with its surrounding islands. Its vast size and many climates make for unforgettable travel adventures as part of a study abroad program.

SAA has just branched out to provide programs in Australia, and our first is an in-depth biology program that takes students up the entire east coast of the country, from Sydney to Cairns.

Australia is a great destination for biology students, due to its highly varied geography and climates, from dry deserts to lush tropical forests. Traveling here is an amazing opportunity for students to experience infamous and unique natural wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and the rainforests of Fraser Island, where the enormous trees grow straight from sand dunes.

We are just getting started in Australia, and we want you to help us expand to new areas! No matter your preferred area of study, Australia is a great choice for studying abroad. View our featured biology program below, or contact us to get started making the perfect Australia program in your students’ academic field.

Available programs

We have just expanded our program offerings to Australia, and we offer programs in 13 areas of study and growing. If you have another area of study in mind for your program that is not included in the list below, feel free to contact us to begin fully customizing your perfect itinerary.


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