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Areas of Study

Shadow medical professionals, help assist areas in great need, and learn about traditional medicinal plants and alternative medicines.

Allied Health Nursing & Dental Hygiene

Visit indigenous tribes and meet locals to learn customs and be immersed in new cultures. Explore archeological sites that include ancient ruins, architecture, petroglyphs, and more.

Anthropology & Archaeology

Study architecture from the masters by touring the heart of cities around the world and visiting venues and monuments that showcase famous historical periods.


Explore world-famous museums, monuments, and venues in cities that inspired the most famous creatives of all time. Take courses on art, history, literature, language, and more.

Art, Humanities, & History

Learn hands-on skills from professionals in various creative skills such as videography, photography, news writing, journalism, and more. Take your education into the field and use professional equipment to report on current news and events.

Broadcasting, Photography, & Videography

Visit innovative companies, sit in other universities’ classes, and craft your class around co-working spaces and accelerators in cosmopolitan cities.

Business & Social Entrepreneurship

Compare different educational systems around the globe while engaging and co-teaching with students and faculty from the country you’re visiting.

Childhood & Secondary Education

Explore markets, farms, restaurants, and kitchens to discover the true flavors, ingredients, and recipes that define some of the world’s most famous cuisines.

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Visit authentic neighborhoods and mingle with the locals to broaden your vocabulary and conversational skills in languages from around the globe. Travel with a full-time native guide that will facilitate engagement with communities, and spend time in the classroom to improve your fluency and confidence.

Language Immersion

Study public affairs and see lawmakers in action at houses of parliament and other government buildings throughout Europe. Examine the state of criminal justice by visiting courthouses, prisons, and police service headquarters. Go on guided tours to discover the legends behind some of history’s most famous criminals.

Political Science & Criminal Justice

Engage directly with local communities on projects that have long-term positive effects. Apply your help, knowledge, and most importantly your compassion to important projects around the world.

Service Learning

Gain real-world experience and knowledge in thriving industries and companies around the globe, and take the lab to the field.

STEM & Biology

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