The Study Abroad Association, headed by Christian Alyea, provides fantastic, authentic travel abroad. I've taken two London/Oxford trips and one trip through India with them. The company insists upon lodging travelers right at the heart of the places we visit, then makes sure everyone knows how to get around on their own as well. We live more like locals than like tourists, and this lets us see and experience everything our destinations offer. SAA also finds the very best local guides, who help us find and understand everything even in a short visit. And somehow, all this is kept very affordable! Traveling with the Study Abroad Association is *the* way to see the world as a student or professor!

Dr. Brian Cowlishaw , Associate Professor English - Northeastern State University 

Professor Steven Kamm

For many of the younger students, the journey was an entirely new experience: Some have never been out of the USA. I am sure the trip opened their eyes and challenged their own self-images. In at least one case, I know the visit was a life-changing experience: The young women returned to Oklahoma as a different person, much more open and self-confident.

Professor Steven Kamm, OCCC Ireland Study Abroad 2014

Professor Abra Figueroa

Christian is extremely pleasant to work with and has always been more than willing to customize the itinerary to suit our needs. He understands that our students typically don't have a lot of means to travel, and he works hard to find budget options for lodging and transportation so that the overall trip cost is kept as low as possible. I recommend student travel with Study Abroad Association.

Professor Abra Figueroa, OCCC Costa Rica Study Abroad 2013

Review of SSC Central Europe Study Abroad 2013

The trip was wildly successful. It exceeded my expectations, and, based on my students' journals, it far exceeded their expectations. The private rooms were better than four-star rooms in London and Paris. The students loved hostel life, meeting and hanging out with other college students from all over the world.

Professor Christian Morgan, SSC Central Europe Study Abroad 2013

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