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All of our study abroad programs are 100% customized. Whether you are teaching British Literature in London, Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica or World Religions in India, we can create an authentic and affordable program for you.

Study Abroad Association will take care of the logistics, ensuring your students are receiving the best value while abroad and allowing you more time for preparing your course. We make the process 100% stress free.

Need ideas? We love to create new tours. Send us your course syllabus and we will bring your class to life with the most competitively priced program on the market.

Contact us to 100% customize your program.


- Complimentary Program: including roundtrip airfare & private rooming
- Discounted Program: provided to a travel companion of your choice
- Marketing Assistance: informational sessions & graphic design
- Full Time Assistance: From the moment the trip agreement is established, until the completion of the program, the lead professor will have full time assistance from a program director.
- Orientation Meeting: In-depth Itinerary Review, Packing Demonstrations, Smart Travel Tips, Q & A, Group Ice Breakers
- Airfare Bookings
- Assistance Obtaining Optimal Traveler's Insurance
- Smart Travel Lessons: public transit utilization (trams, buses, subways, boats, trains, taxis, etc.)
- Program Documentation: video, photo & testimonials
- Language Lessons
- We guarantee the most authentic & professional programs, for the most competitive price on the market.

More Benefits: 

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