Our Mission

The Study Abroad Association is a collaborative effort between colleges and universities across the United States dedicated to increasing study abroad participation among students and faculty on their campuses.

The association assists colleges and universities in reaching their international education goals through customizing the most affordable and academically sound study abroad programs. Additionally, SAA helps institutions and students with booking discounted airfare, designing promotional materials, providing faculty development workshops on how to lead study abroad programs, organizing fund raisers, providing risk management and pre-travel safety demonstrations, providing packing demonstrations, tracking travel advisories, assisting with visas and passports, and assisting with marketing and promoting each college's programs. All of this is done with the intention of making study abroad more affordable and, therefore, more accessible to all students.

Our Services

Full Customization of Programs
Every aspect of a trip is completely customized to meet the professor chaperone’s goals.

Marketing Assistance
Study abroad informational sessions & graphic design are provided.

Full-time Assistance
From the moment the trip agreement is established, until the group’s flight lands back in their home airport, a program director will be available to assist with all aspects of the program.

Orientation Meetings
In-depth itinerary overview, packing demonstrations, smart travel tips, safety while abroad, Q&A and more are included with every orientation meeting.

Discounted Airfare Bookings
Through longterm contracts with airlines we guarantee the most affordable rates with on discounted group airfare. (add under airfare)

Assistance Obtaining Optimal Traveler’s Insurance
Safety is our number one priority. We’ll make sure your students and professors are insured with the best travel insurance policies.

Introduction to Foreign Travel & Public Transportation
Guidance on public transit utilization (subways, trains, buses, trams, boats, taxis, etc.) is provided for every destination.

Program Documentation
Videography, Photography & Testimonials

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